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Roadmap from Technical Elite to Management Expert

Project Management Watch (PMW), as a“soul station” for project managers, is a platform to share their reflections, emotions, insights and doubts....


Project Management Watch (PMW), as a “soul station” for project managers, is a platform to share their reflections, emotions, insights and doubts. As a practical, instrumental, readable and interesting magazine, PMW strives to help project managers upgrade their competence and plan their career roadmap through relaxing reading.

In the 1st issue of 2018:


1. Tips for Technical-Experts-Style Project Managers By Ding Ronggui  P4

Abstract: Technical expertise is essential for project teams. However, to run a project team effectively calls for not only technical experts but also those who are competent in problem-solving, decision-making, listening, making feedbacks and dealing with interpersonal relationships. When turning into project managers, technical experts are supposed to adapt themselves to the managing role from mindset and action. Only by becoming a team leader instead of a technical expert in charge of management can project success be guaranteed. 

2. Professional Qualities from Technology to Management    P10 


Rodney Turner: China Needs Tens of Millions of PMPs   P18

Abstract: As a top expert in project management, Professor Rodney Turner keeps a busy schedule. He said that he always wakes up in different countries. He has published 15 books and always stands in the frontier of project management research. Many of his research focuses are 10-15 years ahead. His present research areas are: project marketing, mega project management, project management of small and medium-sized companies. 

New Opinion

1. Guidelines of Risk Management System Construction  P22

2. How to Put PMBOK Guide 6th Edition into Practice  P26

3. Analysis of Common Project Management Tools     P28  

New Professional Perception

Core Competitiveness of Project Managers             P30

Talk with PM

Who are we? Party A                          P38

PM Talk

How to Avoid Doing Thankless Work in Projects  P42


Liu Shijian’s Viewpoints on PPP               P46

Five Requisites to Ensure Project Success        P47

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