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Gan Liqing: Professionalism Originates from Love



Project Management Watch (PMW), as a “soul station” for project managers, is a platform to share their reflections, emotions, insights and doubts. As a practical, instrumental, readable and interesting magazine, PMW strives to help project managers upgrade their competence and plan their career roadmap through relaxing reading. 

In the 5th issue of 2018:


EPC General Contracting Layout Project Management Informatization


Roadmap for Enterprise Project Management Informatization


Tools to Enhance Organizational Project Management Capabilities



Professionalism Originates from Love: Interview with Gan Liqing

New Opinion

Projects Are about Doing Things Right but More about Doing Right Things

Weight Evaluation Method: Upgraded Version of Project Evaluation


New Professional Perception

Balancing Work for Project Managers


Micro Classroom

Stakeholder Management


Talk with PM

To Motivate Project Team Members via Two-way Selection


PM Cartoon

Emotion Control: a Must for Project Managers






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