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Go forward with Goals and Commitment: Interview with Xuan Xiaofeng

Tips on Project Managers’ Power Inadequacy...


Project Management Watch (PMW), as a “soul station” for project managers, is a platform to share their reflections, emotions, insights and doubts. As a practical, instrumental, readable and interesting magazine, PMW strives to help project managers upgrade their competence and plan their career roadmap through relaxing reading. 

In the 3rd issue of 2018:


Go forward with Goals and Commitment: Interview with Xuan Xiaofeng, Founder of Project Managers Union        P16


Influencing Power: Key Weapon for Project Managers  P4 

Tips on Project Managers’ Power Inadequacy     P8

How to Put Micro Power into Use   P12

Professional Perception 

Transformation from Technical Professionals to Project Managers  P28

Micro Classroom 

Communication Management  P30 

Talk with PM

Art of Getting along with Leaders  P34

PM Cartoon 

Hard and Soft: Key to Effective Project Team   P38

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