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Sue Kershaw: Project Management is a Life Skill

Project management is based on solid logic and it is a life skill: we all need project management in our lives.

Harold Kerzner: Innovation PM Focuses More on Sustainable, Long-term Business Benefits and Value

Traditional project management practices focus on the creation of the deliverables defined in the statement of work. Innovation focuses more so on what happens after the deliverables are created, namely the creation of sustainable, long-term business benefits and value. This changes how we define success on a project.

Nathalie Drouin: An Academic Female Star in Project Management

I deeply hope that humans will always have a role to play in managing projects and to interact with real team members (not only robots) to successfully manage projects.

Tim Jaques: Driving Innovation through Projects

project managers should be skilled in the modern practices of change and innovation

Patrick Leahy: There’s No ‘I’ in Project Success

I believe the most important thing for a young project manager is to be open to challenges. See every step as an opportunity not only to learn, but also to think creatively. Don’t wait and listen to other people’s thoughts or opinions or be told what to do first, but challenge yourself to develop your own approach and then consult others.

Peter Taylor: Work Smarter and Not Harder

This is the essence of my book The Lazy Project Manager, what I refer to as ‘productive laziness’ or working smarter and not harder.

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