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Robert Buttrick: Programme Is More than a ‘Programme of Projects’

Many programmes today are focused primarily on projects. We need to move to a situation where programmes have a range of components, of which a ‘project’ is just one. These ‘non-project’ components are often termed ‘other work’ or ‘other related’ work and can include support services (like a PMO), on-going improvement initiatives, such as 6Sigma and business as usual operations, such as service or product delivery.

Alfonso Bucero: Improving Virtual Skills Will Be Necessary in the Future

We, as human beings, need physical interaction, but improving our virtual skills will be necessary. We, as project managers, need to engage people in our teams to succeed. I believe that project managers will need to make an effort to establish clear guidelines, rules, and procedures to be used by team members. It will require extra effort from both parts, but I guess it will be the way.

Joop Schefferlie: The Impact of Projects and Project Management Will Increase

The impact of projects and project management on our society will increase. Almost 40% in every we do (in time and money) is project management related. But the way we’re executing our projects is changing; there’s a different view on (project management) leadership. Adaptive leadership is the new normal for the future.

Andrew Wright: Good-quality Project Management Is Vital for Successfully Delivering Change

Good project management is vital for successfully delivering much more change for much less money since poor project management leads to rework, delays, late delivery, over-run budget, with fewer benefits and squandering precious resources.

Iain Fraser: Project Management Profession is the Future of Work

project management profession is, in many ways, the future of work. I would add that it is global, dynamic, exciting and also fun, therefore a great and global profession to be involved in.

Elizabeth Harrin: People Deliver Projects and We Should Focus on People

People power is all about engaging stakeholders effectively at all stages of the project so that there is alignment and buy-in for the change you are delivering.

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