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Joel Carboni: Sustainability Is Key to Success

According to research by Accenture and the UN Global Compact, out of 1,000 global CEOs, from 27 industries across 103 countries, 93% regard sustainability as key to success.

Gary Nelson: You Are Never Too Young to Be a Project Manager

Project management is not something reserved for adults, and it isn’t particularly mysterious or complicated. Project management is actually a collection of essential life skills that can be learned at almost any age.

Martin Samphire: Project Success Is a Relative Concept

success has been a relative concept and very much a judgement or perception by individual stakeholders – and often the judgement is made at the end of a project even where there was little discussion or agreement at the outset of what would constitute success for the key stakeholders.

Magdalena Gawlak: I firmly Believe in the Power of Communication

Project management is all about people and communication as well.

Frank Saladis: Almost Everything We Use Daily Is the Result of a Project

Just about everything people use every day is the result of a project: cars, trucks, planes, buildings, highways, smart phones, laptops, boats, IT infrastructure, etc.

Marisa Silva: Projects Are Our Future

More than ever we are living in a project economy, where the development of societies happens through projects, either as infrastructure or business change. Also, we are all project managers now: we all need project management competencies because that is how strategies and dreams come to life, by projects. This being said, it is clear that the future will be project management-oriented and that project practitioners will be in high demand.

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