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Ding Ronggui: PM Competence Is Key Growth Driver of Developing Countries

Without investors capable of project management, the investment will reap nothing due to project failure. Without qualified project managers capable of project management, money will be wasted regardless of favorable government policies. It is obvious that project management competence has become a key growth driver of developing countries.

Reinhard Wagner: People Outweighs Methods and Tools

IPMA highlights the “people competences” in its IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (IPMA ICB) Version 4.0 and thus recognizes a competence that is universally accepted and key for success.

Wang Shouqing: PPP Should Return to Its Original Goals

I’m confident that the PPP projects will be implemented better from now on than those in last several years as the central government has regulated the existing PPP projects and promulgated some rectification policies. All stakeholders have also learned lessons and accumulated experiences since 2014 and they will be more capable in implementing PPP projects.

Rodney Turner: China Needs Tens of Millions of PMPs

China has 180, 000 PMPs now and one in five PMPs is from China. Professor Rodney Turner noted that though the number is impressive, it’s far from enough as China is developing so fast. “China needs tens of millions of PMPs, one hundred times more PMPs,” he emphasized. From his perspective, training project managers in master’s course is important to ensure that we have adequate number of project managers.

Mark Dickson: Project Management Is Into the Mainstream

"The key to being a successful project manager is leadership; the ability to articulate a vision and align the team to the vision, guiding, influencing, communicating, motivating and inspiring. "

Youcef J-T. Zidane: Important Things in Managing Projects

Youcef J-T. Zidane talks about the impact of trust on project performance, project success dimensions, stakeholder engagement, etc.

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