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Matti Ahvenharju: All Success Finally Depends on People

Project management has been, is, and will stay in the future – the roles, tasks and tools and even methodologies will change and evolve, but project managers are one of the last professions to disappear because of the vast needed skill set needed to do the work professionally.

Wang Xiaojin: Project Management Is a Way of Thinking

Project management can be applied in almost all industries and it is not just a set of technical tools but also a way of thinking.

Joel B. Carboni: Green Project Management Is the Call of Times

sustainable project management is increasing in value and we believe that in the future, “mainstream” project management and sustainable project management will become one and the same.

Stacy Goff: China Brings Cultural Strengths into PM

The core qualities and competences of project managers and other key participants are: technical, leadership and behavioral, and contextual/strategic.

Lin Shaopei: PM Talents Are Nutrition of Economic Growth

Without best practices and successful projects, there will be no economic prosperity of a nation. In other words, if you want the cells of your body to be stronger, you need to have nutrition and physical exercise. For a country, if you want the projects to be successful, you really need PM talents and favorite social environment.

Thomas Walenta: Project Management Is about Reducing Uncertainties

So as a project manager, you either make painful experiences yourself (and you will have some) or you reflect on your and others’ experiences.

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