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Susanne Madsen: Servant leadership Is More than a Leadership Style

Servant leadership is an approach and an attitude more than just a leadership style. A servant leader needs to adjust his or her level of yin and yang to suit the environment.

Peter Coesmans: Organizations in the Future Will Be Much Smaller

Organizations in the future will be much smaller, much less Taylorian, much more adaptive, with fewer experts and more T profiles. Currently, self-organization is a way to do that.

Rebecca Winston: Flexibility Is Key to Leadership

I believe flexibility is key to survival as a leader and reducing one’s stress.

Harold Kerzner: Project Management Education Is a Life-long Quest

There are very few professions in the world that provide workers with the satisfaction they can receive from project management.

Robert Prieto: Program Management Is Anything but Simple

Program management requires a broader, more strategic focus than project management and a tighter integration across all elements of the execution process

Olivier Lazar: Value Creation Is the Core of Management

Project Management, in its generic meaning, is an activity of anticipation, if you can’t anticipate, if you have to react, then it means it’s too late. But as I said before, if you don’t manage your risks, you don’t manage anything. In fact, beyond project, program and portfolio management, or even value management, what it is all about is risk management, or more precisely “Opportunity Management”.

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