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Mark Dorsett: The Finish Line of a Project Is the Intended Benefits

The reason why we initiate and sponsor projects is to attain organizational or business benefits.

Sandeep Mathur: Change Management Is Essential to Benefits Realization

Being adaptable and agile are key to being a successful program manager. Rate of change in current climate means that even after the business case is approved, the program manager has to continuously scan the environment for changes which may impact the original benefits profile of the business case.

Shankar Sankaran: Project Management Has a Bright Future

Project management has a bright future and will only become more important for organizations and society in general. The term project economy is being used recently as the next trend in organizing. Project management skills are important for everyone, not just those who manage projects.

Chang Shucha: PM Is the Most Effective Way to Manage VUCA

We live in a rapidly-changing era, which is characterized by VUCA; project management is the most effective way to manage VUCA. At the same time, we live in a project-dominant era, in which projects are the driving force for organizational, social and economic growth.

Penny Pullan: Engaging People Remotely Is a Real Challenge

There are lots of challenges in leading virtual teams! The one that comes out consistently as the biggest challenge for teams is engaging remote team members in meetings. Engaging people remotely is a real challenge. In team meetings, use visuals (more below) and call on people regularly throughout your virtual meetings.

David Hillson: Risk Is Uncertainty that Matters

Risk is “uncertainty that matters”. All risks are uncertain, but not all uncertainties are risks. Most uncertainties don’t matter, and the only ones that we need to consider are the ones that could affect our ability to achieve our objectives.

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