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Issue 6, 2019

PM in the Era of AI

In the era of PM 4.0 featured by technological disruption, application of AI is an inevitable trend. In the cover article, we invite over ten top experts to discuss the impact of AI on the profession of project management (both benefits and challenges), the must-have qualities for PMs to excel in the AI era, the suitable leadership style for the AI era, etc. ..

Issue 5, 2019

Management of B&R Projects

In April, 2019, the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held in Beijing, which ushers in the arrival of the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative V2.0 Era. The key to B&R projects is interconnection...

Issue 4, 2019

Self-organisation: A New Paradigm for Project-oriented Work

In VUCA era, self-organization is getting increasingly popular in project-oriented organizations. The IPMA Research Conference in 2020 will focus on the topic of self-organization. risks of using self-organizing approach in projects? With relvant questions in mind, we interviewed Reinhard Wagner and Peter Coesmans. ..

Issue 3, 2019

Project Management in Gig Economy

The rise of gig economy has been one of the most transformative global trends...

Issue 2, 2019


Followership Is the Foundation of Leadership. Leadership is a popular topic, around which there have been lots of theories and discussions. However, followership tends to be ignored. As a matter of fact, without effective followership, there would be no leadership. Leaders and followers fuel each other’s growth by mutual influence. The effective interaction between leaders and followers is key to project success. ..

Issue 1, 2019

Look to 2019: Trends in Project Management

At the end of 2018, our PMR journalist invited over 20 experts in China and abroad to share trends in project management from their perspectives. In the cover article of this issue, we made a summary of trends in 2019 based on their observations and feedbacks in hope of providing some guidance for your action. ..


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