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G. Michael Campbell: Never Surprise Sponsors in Managing up

The most important principle for any project manager to remember is never surprise your executive sponsor. Some project managers avoid discussing possible issues or risks because they hope they can fix things before bad things happen. That is the opposite of what a project manager should do.

Ou Lixiong: PM has shifted from Management of Projects to Management by Projects

Previously when encountering changes, we may wonder if there are problems but now faced with changes we should try to identify opportunities.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez: Diversity Can Be an Asset

It has been proven that diversity can become an asset if it is incorporated and embraced by the project. The most successful projects have always a high-performing team, which is often high in diversity.

Darren Dalcher: Role of Project Management Will Continue to Grow

​Project management is certainly an exciting place to be, but we need to have a bigger conversation about our role in society. Project managers need to be involved in some of the conversation regarding the fuzzy front end of projects.

Matti Ahvenharju: All Success Finally Depends on People

Project management has been, is, and will stay in the future – the roles, tasks and tools and even methodologies will change and evolve, but project managers are one of the last professions to disappear because of the vast needed skill set needed to do the work professionally.

Wang Xiaojin: Project Management Is a Way of Thinking

Project management can be applied in almost all industries and it is not just a set of technical tools but also a way of thinking.

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