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The Leadership Imperative and the Essence of Followership(Part 3)

Human-centred systemsSome old leadership ideas no longer seem to apply. Robert Heller makes a forceful casefor change by b..


The Leadership Imperative and the Essence of Followership(Part 2)

many significant failures, disasters and mishaps could have been avoided, prevented or mitigated if those lower in the hierarchy were successful at communicating the risks they were seeing in the system to their leaders. ..


The Leadership Imperative and Essence of Followership(Part 1)

we teach leadership and tell people what they ought to be doing, but we hardly ever “teach”followership as we implicitly assume that following is easy, or well understood...


How Leadership Style Affects Team Ownership

"I don’t feel my team is taking adequate responsibility. I try to be clear when I delegate, but when they don’t take..


Build Influencing Power – the Art of Persuasion

According Cialdini these factors are: we like people who are similar to us, we like those who pay us compliments, and we like people who cooperate with us towards mutual goals...


How to Build a Powerful Deliverable Strategy from Scratch

Crafting a clear deliverable strategy is essential to the timely execution and management of any project. Investing time at the outset to establish quality review and change management processes and selecting the right project management tool for your needs will allow you to focus on managing the project when it matters most!..

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