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Promoting Strategic Project Management and Project Management Strategies

The responsibilities of traditional enterprise operation and management should be undertaken by Strategic Project Management ..


Project Success Requires Suitable Ecological Environment

The formation, maintenance and dissolution of interactive relationships between people and projects, projects and enterprises, enterprises and social environment will the key to organizational project management. ..


Project Management Innovation: Sharpen Enterprises' Value Edge

The innovative edge resulting from projects lies not in “being new” but in “value monopoly”. Enterprise profits originate from the process of trading value with stakeholders. Enterprises without value monopoly are most likely to be substituted. In trade with stakeholders, they rely either low price or high trade cost, both of which will lead to profit loss. ..


Establish Project Interface Governance Mechanism

Stakeholder interface management involves changes in system, but people are generally unwilling to be changed. The reason why people are resistant to changes is that they feel unsafe by stepping out of the comfort zone. Only when they believe that changes are safe and profitable, will they be happy to make the change. Projects are collaborative platforms for stakeholders to realize their own needs. Only by effective interface governance can cooperation be carried out smoothly. ..


Changes Call for Flexible Interaction between Strategies and Projects

The relationship between strategies and projects seems to be clear: strategies are at the planning level, setting direction..


Stakeholders’ Trust in Cooperation Value Brings Benefits

As Si Maqian has said in Historical Records, “In the bustling world, people gather and separate for the sake of profits..

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