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PMR: A Platform to Bridge Theory and Practice


Author: Ding Ronggui     Translator: Yu Yanjuan     Source: PMR
(Preface of English-version PMR Prelaunch issue 1)

Theory without the test of practice is empty; practice without the guidance of theory is blind. In VUCA era, with projects becoming more and more common, achievements in theory and practice are abundant. However, so rare are magazines or journals that can bridge theory and practice by providing inspirations for practitioners and practice test for academic researchers. The significance of Project Management Review (PMR) magazine is to remove the barriers between theory and practice, thus establishing a platform for researchers and practitioners to exchange wisdom. 

Removal of professional boundaries, interlock of industry boundaries and breaking of cultural boundaries are the ongoing global trend. The essence of projects lies not only in the unique achievements but also in the joint collaboration of people varying in industries, organizations, cultures, interests, etc. Thoughts and practice from diverse majors, industries and cultures are more likely to inspire new thoughts and ideas. That’s why we launch the English version of PMR based on 4- year development of the Chinese version. 

By gathering nearly 30 experts rich in thoughts and practical experience from different countries to form the international editorial board, the English version of PMR intends to provide readers with a broader perspective to look at projects and project management. We not only share wisdom and best practice in China with the largest number of projects, but also introduce extraordinary thoughts and case studies from other countries across the globe. 

If some of the opinions in our magazine are consistent with yours, it’s definitely not a coincidence as we try to be your soulmate. If you disagree with some viewpoints, please don’t be surprised as it is just a matter of opinion and conjecture. Information from other perspectives may provide you with more references. 3000 years ago, in Six Arts of War, Jiang Taigong who assisted King Wu in creating 800-year Zhou Dynasty said, “If you use the eyes of all those under heaven to see, there is nothing you cannot see. If you use the ears of all those under heaven to hear, there is nothing you cannot hear. If you use the minds of all those under heaven to think, there is nothing you cannot understand.” We sincerely hope to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to voice their own opinions and benefit from diversity in opinions. 

The English version of PMR was launched from you, by you and for you. 

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